How To Make Achaari Paneer Kathi Roll

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Achaari Paneer Kathi Roll ek succulent and scrumptious dish hai jo aam taur par Indian road food stalls par milti hai. Yahan main aapko step- by- step Achaari Paneer Kathi Roll banane ki form bata raha hoon

Achaari Paneer constituents

250 grams paneer( cubed)
2 soupspoons mustard oil painting
1 tablespoon cumin seeds
1 large onion( sliced)
1 large bell pepper( sliced)
2 soupspoons pickled mango( achaar)
1 tablespoon gusto- garlic paste
1 tablespoon turmeric greasepaint
1 tablespoon red chili greasepaint
1 tablespoon coriander greasepaint
1 tablespoon cumin greasepaint
swab to taste
Fresh coriander leaves( diced)
Roti constituents

1 mug whole wheat flour
Water( as demanded)
swab to taste
oil painting or ghee for cooking
Sauce and Garnish

Mint chutney
Yogurt( whisked)
Diced onions and tomatoes
Chaat masala


Achaari Paneer Filling

Heat mustard oil painting in a visage. Add cumin seeds and let them expectorate.

Add sliced onions and sauté until they turn golden brown.

Add gusto- garlic paste and sauté for a nanosecond until the raw smell disappears.

Add bell peppers and cook until they’re slightly tender.

Add turmeric greasepaint, red chili greasepaint, coriander greasepaint, cumin greasepaint, and swab. Mix well.

Add cubed paneer and toss gently to fleece the paneer with the spices. Cook for a many twinkles until the paneer is hotted through.

Add pickled mango( achaar) for that achaari flavor. Mix well and cook for another 2- 3 twinkles.

Garnish with diced coriander leaves and set away.

Roti Preparation

In a coliseum, blend whole wheat flour, swab, and enough water to make a soft dough.

Divide the dough into small balls and roll each ball into a thin roti.

Cook each roti on a hot griddle or tawa with a little oil painting or ghee until they’re cooked and have brown spots.

Assembling the Kathi Roll

Take a roti and place a portion of the achaari paneer filling in the center.

mizzle mint chutney and whisked yogurt over the stuffing.

Sprinkle diced onions and tomatoes on top.

Sprinkle a pinch of chaat masala for redundant flavor.

Roll the roti tightly to form a Kathi Roll.

Serve hot with fresh mint chutney and yogurt on the side.

Aapka Achaari Paneer Kathi Roll taiyaar hai. Enjoy this succulent and racy roll as a snack or a light mess!

Achaari Paneer Kathi Roll banate waqt kuch common miscalculations se bachne ke liye yeh kuch tips hain

Paneer Ka Saheeh Tarike Se Cut Na Karna Paneer ko livery cells mein cut karna important hai taki sabhi pieces unevenly cook ho sakein.

Mustard Oil Ka Use Achaari flavor ko enhance karne ke liye mustard oil painting ka use karein. Lekin, agar aapko mustard oil painting ka strong flavor pasand nahi hai, to aap use kisi aur cuisine oil painting ke saath blend kar sakte hain.

Onion Aur Bell Pepper Ko Overcook Na Karein Sabziyon ko overcook karne se unka texture kharab ho sakta hai. Unhe thoda sa brickle rakhne ke liye dhyan rakhein.

Spices Ka Balance Na Karna Spices ka sahi proportion maintain karna important hai. Overpowering ya underwhelming flavors se bachne ke liye careful ho.

Roti Ka Consistence Roti ko bahut patli ya bahut moti na banayein. Ek medium consistence ka roti banayein taki roll banane mein aasani ho.

Overstuffing Roll mein filling overstuff na karein, warna roll tut sakta hai ya khane mein difficulty ho sakti hai.

Chutneys Ka Balance Mint chutney aur yogurt ka sahi balance banayein taki flavors ek dusre ko complement karein.

Roll Ko Tightly Na Bandhna Roll ko tight bandhna important hai taki paddings bahar na girain, lekin bahut zyada tight bandhne se filling bahut press ho jati hai aur flavors kam ho jate hain.

In tips ko follow karke aap Achaari Paneer Kathi Roll ko impeccably bana sakte hain. Enjoy your succulent manual rolls!

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